About RethinkEHS

Management of an organization's health and safety status is akin to keeping a company - its people, its surroundings, its entire existence - in sound condition. RethinkEHS Safety Management System is exactly the tool for your organization's total risk management.

RethinkEHS is your partner in developing a "proactive risk culture" through a systematic automated approach to managing day-to-day business activities.
RethinkEHS was born in response to the following insights:
The system provides benefits across a number of key operational areas:
RethinkEHS is a web-based Safety Solution available as Software as A Service (SaaS), hosted externally and running on Cloud Computing Technology through a monthly subscription plan.

There are Seven (7) Modules as part of EHS Basic Package: (1) RISK MANAGER, (2) INCIDENT MANAGER, (3) COMPLIANCE MANAGER, (4) OBSERVATION MANAGER, (5) MEETINGS MANAGER, (6) BUSINESS MANAGER, and (7) CONTENT MANAGER. All these modules complement one another for the TOTAL MANAGEMENT of your company's health and safety as well as compliance requirements.

You can perform the Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment, and Controls (HIRAC) process in the RISK MANAGER. This way, you can build up and review your own HIRAC database or registry, and it will automatically provide analysis and recommend controls/solutions to you.

When an incident happens, you can notify, record, investigate, and correct an incident in the INCIDENT MANAGER module. All registered members in the organization can notify about an observed incident, significantly improving the practice of risk monitoring.

In the COMPLIANCE MANAGER, your Safety Officer can manage your audits and inspections. Once the audit and/or inspection are completed, the Safety Officer can view the results, generate reports, and assign and track any resulting action.

With the OBSERVATION MANAGER, you can empower your employees by allowing them to report Hazards: Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Conditions that they observed in their day-to-day work and reinforces your HIRAC, creating a proactive Risk Management culture.

In the MEETINGS MANAGER, you can organize or schedule your Safety events such as Safety Committee Meetings, Drills, and more, and have the Minutes of the Meetings recorded in real-time and automatically in the system; no need for word file or ppt, no more multi-handling!

The BUSINESS MANAGER allows you to proactively track your Business and EHS-related Permits and licenses, to ensure that you comply with regulatory requirements. This prevents you from incurring penalties and sanctions due to late or non-renewals.

Last but not the least, the CONTENT MANAGER serves as your electronic library for all your EHS-related documents such as industry or regulatory standards, your company’s management system manuals or Standard Operating Procedures, your Material Safety Data Sheet, and many more.

To be totally complete in form and essence, the RethinkEHS has two complementary websites that provide continuous information feed on knowledge and products. SafetyHow (www.SafetyHow.com) is a Social Computing Platform contributing knowledgeable information in the form of articles and answers to queries from the community. Safetycenterph.com (www.safetycenterph.com) on the other hand, is a Safety Product Solution Site that can supply safety product information from both product vendors and users. The information from the two complementary sites is linked with RethinkEHS through the CONTENT MANAGER, which provides seamless migration of data (uploading) from one site to the other. The CONTENT MANAGER is thus kept updated with the latest information on Safety and Health.

RethinkEHS lets you manage correctly the issues regarding your company's health and safety, allows you to satisfy with relative ease the necessary health and safety requirements, helps you to make critical decisions on health and safety issues, and provides you with excellent choices on health and safety information.

All of these benefits are available for you through RethinkEHS.

RethinkEHS is owned and developed by Rethink Safety, Inc. - a Software Development Company that PIONEERS in the creation and development of proprietary platforms for PROACTIVE SAFETY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS.