About EHSS

Management of an organization's health and safety status is akin to keeping a company - its people, its surroundings, its entire existence - in sound condition. The EHSS Intelligent Safety Management System is exactly the tool for your organization's total risk management.

EHSS is your partner in developing a "proactive risk culture" through a systematic automated approach to managing day-to-day business activities.
EHSS was born in response to the following insights:
The system provides benefits across a number of key operational areas:
EHSS is a web-based Safety Solution available in either of the following options: 1) as Software As A Service (SAAS), hosted externally and running on Cloud Computing Technology; or 2) Black Box type, locally hosted, installed, and connected to your company's Intranet system. Both of the EHSS Cloud and Black Box versions are available through a monthly subscription plan.

The four modules of the EHSS - RISK MANAGER, COMPLIANCE MANAGER, INCIDENT MANAGER, and CONTENT MANAGER - complement one another for the total management of your company's health and safety concerns as well as compliance requirements.

You can perform the identify, assess, and control procedures in the RISK MANAGER module for a thorough analysis of risks and hazards. Identification and assessment of the risks and hazards will lead to the naming of the problem's root cause, and eventual application of some form of control measure.

Audit, Checklist, and Inspection Forms are requisites for various standards, rules, and regulations. In the COMPLIANCE MANAGER module, these documents can be accessed, filled out, printed, and saved for future reference. Using this module, the Safety Officer can assign an audit and/or inspection job, which remains visible for progress monitoring purposes. Once the audit and/or inspection are completed, the Safety Officer can view the results, generate reports, and assign and track any resulting action.

When an incident happens, you can notify, record, investigate, and correct this particular event in the INCIDENT MANAGER module. All registered members in the organization can notify about an observed incident or hazard, significantly improving the practice of risk monitoring.

Finally, in the CONTENT MANAGER module, you can search for all sorts of information and documents regarding safety and health. In this module are categories on Terminologies, Forms, Checklists, Standards, Articles, Products, Bookmarks, Actions, and Others, making your search for anything on health and safety hassle-free.

To be totally complete in form and essence, the EHSS has two complementary Internet Sites that provide continuous information feed on knowledge and products. SafetyHow is a Social Computing Platform contributing knowledgeable information in the form of articles and answers to queries from the community. 1800Safety, on the other hand, is a Safety Product Solution Site that can supply safety product information from both product vendors and users. The information from the two complementary sites are put into the EHSS through the CONTENT MANAGER module, which provides seamless migration of data (uploading) from one site to the other. The CONTENT MANAGER is thus kept updated with the latest information on Safety and Health.

The EHSS System lets you manage correctly issues regarding your company's health and safety, allows you to satisfy with relative ease the necessary health and safety requirements, helps you to make critical decisions on health and safety issues, and provides you with excellent choices on health and safety information.

All of these benefits are available for you from the EHSS.

EHSS is owned and developed by Rethink Safety Limited and marketed by Rethink IT (Philippines), Inc. These two firms are both under the Safety Center Group of Companies.