1. What is RethinkEHS?
  2. RethinkEHS is a secured Cloud-based Safety Management System, addressing Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) operational risks in a single platform. It contains modules that allow you to report hazards and assess risks (Risk Manager), monitor and complete compliance/audit checks (Compliance Manager), report and investigate incidents (Incident Manager), manage business operations-related documents (Content Manager), manage EHS-related permits and licenses (Business Manager), report and manage employee safety observations (Safety Observation Manager), manage Safety-related meetings (Meetings Manager), and more.

  3. What is RethinkEHS for?
  4. RethinkEHS is for companies and EHS professionals. It addresses the need for cost-effective/efficient and continually improving Safety, by simplifying its complex processes; eliminating non-value-adding administrative tasks; preventing losses; and saving costs.

    RethinkEHS makes risk management easy and smooth through automation, in order for your company to be on top of the increasing business demands, risks, and industrial revolution.

  5. What can RethinkEHS do?
  6. RethinkEHS is capable of adapting to your company's local settings. It has dynamic and real-time dashboards; alerts/notifications/escalation features; and data-filtering capabilities. The modules are customizable according to your needs, all in a digital set-up and environment.

    Due to its technological advancement, RethinkEHS can help you manage hazards and risks, incidents, controls and actions, permits and licenses, contractors, employee training, government or regulatory reports, statistical or historical data, safety meetings, and even emergency/crisis alerts.

  7. How can RethinkEHS help my organization? What are the benefits derived from using RethinkEHS?
  8. Benefits of RethinkEHS are:

  9. Who created RethinkEHS?
  10. RethinkEHS is the brainchild of Rethink Safety, Inc. - a Software Development Company that PIONEERS in the creation and development of proprietary platforms for PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS.

    The mission of Rethink Safety, Inc. is to help companies achieve excellence, and transform organizational culture through its software solutions.

  11. How is RethinkEHS made available?
  12. RethinkEHS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, through monthly subscription plan. The system uses Cloud Computing Technology; hence, it can be easily accessed via internet, anytime, anywhere by the users. Furthermore, there is no need for software installation or on-site server, which saves the company a lot of money.

  13. Is RethinkEHS secured?
  14. YES! RethinkEHS is utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security. It is equipped with private cloud server with redundancy, private network with elastic load balancer, outgoing and incoming data encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), with real-time data back-up, and, dedicated server firewall and anti-virus.

  15. How secure is our data if transmitted and stored through the Cloud?
  16. There is an inherent security risk in any web environment. However, we use state-of-the-art encryption technology that has been proven to be safe for enterprise application with regards to storage and transmission of data via the Cloud. In case someone tries to intercept your data, the sophisticated encryption methods that we utilize ensure that the data will not be deciphered or decrypted easily.

  17. What is the system requirement for RethinkEHS?
  18. A PC with a Web browser can be used to access the RethinkEHS - Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla. Also, RethinkEHS Mobile App can be accessed with any Android Smartphone and soon through the Apple iPhone.

  19. How do I access the RethinkEHS?
  20. A valid RethinkEHS account will enable you to access the system through the Internet. This is done by submitting a valid employee username and password to Rethink Safety, Inc. as part of the project execution. Once, you are registered as RethinkEHS user, you are good to go.

  21. If we do not have Internet connection, can we still access RethinkEHS?
  22. Access to RethinkEHS is possible even without an Internet connection by using the RethinkEHS Mobile App through Android Smartphone and soon through the Apple iPhone.

  23. How many can use the RethinkEHS in my company?
  24. The basic package allows concurrent access to ten (10) users plus one (1) administrator, and can add more users at minimal cost, thereafter. Concurrent means logged in or using the system at the SAME time, and not the unique users that can be registered to the system. Hence, you can submit your entire workforce with their designated user-roles to be registered as unique users of the RethinkEHS, and at a minimum eleven people can access with only five plus one being logged on to the system at a time.

  25. What are "user roles"?
  26. The users of RethinkEHS will be assigned "roles" in the system according to their function or role in the company. These roles are Administrator, Safety Officer, Investigator/Action Officer, and Notifier. Each user will be assigned the role suitable for him/her accordingly.

  27. Are upgrades and updates available for RethinkEHS?
  28. Yes, upgrades and updates for RethinkEHS are available for users, FREE of charge.

  29. How can I avail of the upgrades and updates for RethinkEHS?
  30. Since your access to RethinkEHS is via web, you will get the updates or upgrades automatically whenever they are available. You will then be able to utilize the upgraded system as soon as you log in, thereafter.

  31. How much will the upgrades/updates cost?
  32. Updates to RethinkEHS Cloud-version is FREE!!!!!

  33. How does RethinkEHS differ from other safety management system? What makes RethinkEHS different from other web-based safety management system?
  34. The three major core processes followed in Risk Management are completely systematized and automated, all bundled in just one platform, which is RethinkEHS.

    Other systems have separate packages for each risk management process. They are not flexible, tailored-fit, or adjusted to meet the needs of the users; rather, the user is the one who has to adjust to the system. RethinkEHS meets the needs of its stakeholders, the way they want it.

    Furthermore, RethinkEHS has two essential website partners, SafetyHow and, which are the knowledge-source and products-source, respectively, on Safety and Health. The integration of these three online systems is called "Rethink Safety Alliance" which is "all-in-one" solutions platform.

    Aside from the advantages earlier mentioned compared to others, RethinkEHS follows the workflow process based on the Occupational Safety and Health Standard (OSHS) of the Department of labor and Employment (DOLE), as well as, international standards (e.g. ISO, OHSAS).

    RethinkEHS is 100% Filipino-owned, locally-developed, a PIONEER in the Philippines, created to meet Safety and Health management protocols and international standards. As developer of RethinkEHS, our mission is to help companies achieve excellence and transform overall culture in Safety, through our solutions.

  35. How can I get RethinkEHS?
  36. To get RethinkEHS, contact us at Rethink Safety, Inc. (RETHINK) via telephone number: (632) 8356 4590 or email:, to request for a proposal or quotation. You may also visit our website: Contact us for your free demo NOW!