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  1. What is EHSS?
  2. EHSS is an Intelligent Safety Management System addressing all aspects of Operational Risk in a single system - Environment, Health, Safety, and Security. It is a Secured, Proactive Risk Management System. It contains modules that allow you to assess risk (Risk Manager); to monitor and complete compliance and audit check (Compliance Manager); to report and identify incidents (Incident Manager); and it is equipped with a powerful document manager where you can store, organize and secure all pertinent files and documents (Content Manager).

  3. What is EHSS for?
  4. EHSS Intelligent Safety Management System was created to systematize the three major core processes in Risk Management conventionally followed in managing Environment, Health, Safety, and Security in an organization: risk assessment; compliance and audit check; and the incident reporting and/or identification. It is the System that will make your Safety program more timely, manageable and practical.

  5. Who created EHSS?
  6. EHSS is the brainchild of The Safety Center Group of Companies adhering to its core value of providing protection for people, properties and the environment while generating sufficient returns for all stakeholders. Rethink Safety Limited is its IT-driven Risk Management firm that owns and develops EHSS while Rethink IT (Philippines), Inc. is in charge of marketing the EHSS.

  7. What can EHSS do?
  8. Addressing the need for an effective Safety Management in your company, EHSS allows you to manage risk, operate within specified standards and compliance rules, and be capable to adapt to your company's local settings, all in a digital set up and environment. EHSS makes risk management easy and helps increase safety awareness within your company. With EHSS you can count on a reliable and dependable system to handle the most crucial management activity in any company, that is, safety and health, with its sophisticated digital automated mechanism.

  9. How is EHSS available?
  10. EHSS is available either as a Software As A Service (SAAS) solution using Cloud Computing Technology or contained in a Black Box unit installed in a system that is located within your company's site/premises. EHSS Cloud version can be made available over the Internet to any of your employees or partners with valid permissions. It is web-based and requires no software installation on the client machine. Meanwhile, the Black Box version is connected to your company's computer network system and access to EHSS is possible only through your company's Intranet system. Both the EHSS Cloud and Black Box versions are available through a monthly subscription plan.

  11. Where and when is EHSS available?
  12. EHSS is available via the Internet either through an external or local hosting platform. In either case, the system could be accessed once the EHSS has been configured for your company. Configuration of the EHSS requires filling up and submission of the EHSS Pre-Deployment Questionnaire.

  13. How can I avail of the EHSS?
  14. EHSS is a web-based Safety Solution available in the form of a monthly subscription scheme with the following options: 1) SAAS and hosted externally, i.e., running on Cloud Computing Technology; or 2) Black Box Type and locally-hosted, i.e., installed in a system that is situated within your company's site/premises. The EHSS Cloud version (hosted externally) is web-based, therefore there is zero server foot print and no client software deployment required; while the EHSS Black Box version is locally connected to your company's computer network system.

  15. How do I access the EHSS?
  16. A valid EHSS account will enable you to access EHSS through the Internet. A valid username and password (submitted earlier for registration purposes) are needed to log in and to start using the EHSS.

  17. How can EHSS help my organization? What are the benefits derived from using EHSS?
  18. With EHSS, a company could benefit with the following key points:

  19. What is external and local hosting?
  20. Externally-hosted means that you have access to the system, which is placed in a location somewhere else, from the computers in your office. The exchange and transmission of data is through the Cloud (Internet). Locally-hosted is the situation wherein the system is located within the premises of your office and can be accessed through your local network connection.


  21. How secure is our data if it is transmitted and stored through the Cloud?
  22. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology that has been proven to be safe for enterprise application with regards to storage and transmission of data via the Cloud. We use secure encrypted communications for our Cloud Computing Solution. If in case someone intercepts your data, the sophisticated encryption methods that we utilize help us to ensure that the data will not be deciphered or decrypted without so much effort. There is an inherent security risk in any Web environment and the Cloud is no exception.

  23. What is the system requirement for EHSS?
  24. A PC with a Web browser can be used to access the EHSS - Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, for example. And soon, EHSS can be accessed with any Android Smartphone or the Apple iPhone.

  25. How many can use the EHSS in my company?
  26. The system has a basic standard user of five (5) plus one administrator and can be upgraded to multiples of five (5) users, thereafter. The basis for the number of users is concurrent users (or users who are logged in at the SAME time) and not the unique users that can be registered to the system. Hence, you can submit your entire workforce with their designated user-roles to be registered as users of the EHSS, with only five plus one being logged on to the system at a time.

  27. What are user-roles?
  28. The users of EHSS will be assigned "roles" according to the functionality in the system. These roles in the EHSS are Safety Officer, Notifier, Investigator/Action Officer, and Administrator. Each user will be assigned the role suitable for him/her accordingly.

  29. If we do not have Internet connection, can we still access EHSS?
  30. Access to EHSS is possible even without an Internet connection but with a local network instead. Our Black Box version requires the setting up of the EHSS in your company's network system, requiring local intranet connection within your company's premises.

  31. Are upgrades and updates available for EHSS?
  32. Yes, upgrades and updates to the EHSS are available.

  33. How can I avail of the upgrades and updates for EHSS?
  34. Since your access to the EHSS is via the web, you are automatically updated with all the upgrades to the system that our Company will develop for the system. There is no scheduled time needed for you to worry about in order to avail of any upgrades - if an update to the system has been done, you will automatically utilize it in the system as soon as you log in thereafter.

  35. How much will the upgrades/updates cost?
  36. Updates to your Cloud-version EHSS is FREE!

  37. How does EHSS differ from other safety management system? What makes EHSS different from other safety management system?
  38. The three major core processes conventionally followed in Risk Management are completely systematized and automated bundled all together in one platform, which is the EHSS. Other systems have separate package for each risk management process. EHSS also have the Content Manager module which serves as the Library of the system. Likewise, EHSS has two essential website partners - SafetyHow and 1800Safety - which are knowledge-source and products information-source, respectively, on safety and health. Additionally, EHSS follows the workflow process based on the Occupational Safety and Health Standard or the Yellow Book of the Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) as well as international labor, safety and health laws and regulations (ISO, OHSAS). Further, EHSS is 100% locally-developed and created catering and responding to the safety and health management protocols of international standards.

  39. What is EHSS Pre-Deployment Questionnaire?
  40. The EHSS Pre-Deployment Questionnaire is a one-page list of questions that needs to be answered for the configuration of the EHSS for your company. Filling up and submission of this questionnaire are part of the configuration phase of the EHSS for your company.

This FAQs is intended to provide brief response to the general queries about the EHSS Intelligent Safety Management System. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us:

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